Pope evansio’s reflection2021week 43 Title: The time to take charge is now!


By: Dr. Agbenyo.


I needed to get something urgently and someone volunteered to help. It took like forever for him to come back. When I couldn’t wait any longer, I went to get it myself. He brought it days later. Apparently, he went on an unplanned weekend rendezvous with friends who were setting off at the time he was to get my supplies.

🕸️ Proverbial epistle

Making other people responsible for our destiny is a great recipe for disaster.

⁉️ Random thoughts

  1. How safe is it to put our destiny into another person’s hands?

🖲️ Introspection

How prepared are we to even endure a bit of discomfort to get things done for ourselves? How much easier will that be when we have to do it for others?

🫑Everywhere around us, there are hopelessness and despondency. The news feeds and social media posts depict a people who have specialised in blaming others for our misfortunes or lack of success.

🫑Are we where we desired to be in life(career, relationships, health, spiritual growth, economic power etc)? If not, why? Who or what is holding us back? Are we doing nothing and just hoping for external help to turn things around?

🫑It is inevitable for us to need someone, someday, to depend on. Thus, if we are called to be there for somebody, must we not be genuine in the discharge of that duty? And if we truly cannot be of help, won’t it be better to tell them and not lead people on?

🫑Being dependable is an integrity defined but how many of such persons do we have around? Don’t we know that we have the sole responsibility to work at attaining the life we truly desire? Isn’t it true that he/she who feels it knows it best? Shouldn’t this reality help us to wake up quickly from the illusion of over dependence?

🫑Isn’t it time we discovered our purpose, set our priorities right and courageously take deliberate steps to make it happen?

🫑 Do we doubt that Our Maker gave us a dominion mandate and He is looking for that someone who will take Him seriously at His word and work out diligently to make the unseen seen?

🫑 It takes a lot of bravery to accept responsibility for the position we find ourselves in. We require a lot of courage to accept our shortcomings and acknowledge our poor choices.

🫑Even if someone got us into the undesirable situation we find ourselves in currently, will our lives be any better if we continue to blame them and just complain without taking concrete steps to get back on the right trajectory?

🫑What makes us think that those we spend precious time narrating our unfair situations to really care that much? Instead of trying to court people’s sympathy, won’t we be better of doing something useful with that time and energy?

🫑It takes courage to admit that we need change; and even greater courage to start doing things for ourselves deliberately, orderly and certainly differently from our old ways which made (or is making) us underachieve!

🕯️ Serenity 💡

How can we continue to complain about the type of fish thrown at us if we refuse to learn how to fish and rather depended on the benevolence of those who chose to fish for themselves?

May we have the courage to take charge of our lives and discover the immeasurable power we have to dominate our environment. Amen.


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